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Often, there'll be customers giving their complete trust in allowing The Lil Big Squad to specially curate a giftset for them based on baby's gender! Would like to thank our customers for the trust and appreciation!


Lil Omakase (Surprise Me!) is a giftset that we've thought of as most customers will say to us: "I'll leave it up to you, I trust you/I trust your taste". Also meant for Omakase in Japanese.


In this giftset, items as seen will be the same BUT items design/colors will be mix and match and chosen by us! All you have to do is let us know the gender and we'll do it for you! This giftset is non-personalised but you may always add-on items in our webstore to your preference!


Well, just leave it to us to have your Lil Omakase Giftset settled! 

(oh yes, you'll be able to view the end product photos once its ready via email! It's a surprise me! giftset but we'll definitely keep you posted of the outcome!)


  • Lil Omakase (Surprise me!) (6 Items) Includes:

    ♡ 1x Bamboo Cotton Swaddle (In random design based on gender)

    ♡ 1x Diaper Changing Mat (In random design based on gender)

    ♡ 1x Set of Milestone Cards (12 pieces)

    ♡ 1x Soft Cotton Absorbent Bib (In random design based on gender)

    ♡ 1x Rattle (In random design based on gender)

    ♡ 1x Pair of Rattle Socks (In random design based on gender)

    ♡ 1x Designed Message Card

    ♡ 1x Gift Label

    ♡ 1x Reusable Giftbag (Optional)

    ♡ 1x Crafted Gift Box

  • Goods sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable as they are specially customised for each customer. However, a full refund will be provided if the items are badly damaged due to unforeseen circumstances. 

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