• 10x Starry Bauble Keychain in random colors

      Maximum 7 characters.
      Only 1 font type.
      To order, kindly key in details in this format.

      Kate - Rose Gold, Irene - Rainbow sparkle, Nicole - Rose Pink,
      Miko - Rose Pink, Jane - Rainbow sparkle, Jade - Rose Gold, Linda - Rose Pink, Sakina - Rose Gold, Sofia - Rose Pink, Nurul - Rose Pink.

      Alternatively, if you wish to let us handle the font colors matching for you, simply just include names in this format,


      Kate, Irene, Nicole, Miko, Jane, Jade, Linda, Rose Pink, Sakina, Sofia, Nurul.

      If you have more than 10, drop us a message and we will contact you directly.


      Comes with transparent box packaging and christmas gift label.

    • Goods sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable as they are specially customised for each customer. However, a full refund will be provided if the items are badly damaged due to unforeseen circumstances. 

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